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Advantages and drawbacks of legalizing light-weight drug treatments

30 Jan

Advantages and drawbacks of legalizing light-weight drug treatments

A common category of medicine and light medication. Some prescription drugs can not be evidently identified in this way, they are really with the intersection of equally communities form of prescriptions that action for the central nervous system are occasionally freely for essay Really hard drugs are pills that lead to natural craving. Countless locations do not let visitors to make, provide or use many of them, aside from for medical reason. Read the rest of this entry »



27 Jan


Man understanding stands out as the our idea of precisely what is proper. It really is based on feeling, which means that it may possibly not solely become the exact real truth but what you choose to perceive as tremendous.just when youre overqualified law essay help for your work how-to produce a letter how to write an argumentative research paper Human being impression is diversified and differs entirely among numerous consumers. What a particular men interprets as authentic may well be entirely different from what an alternative perceives as accurate. Photographic mediation of reality is founded on what you see. Read the rest of this entry »



22 Jan


E-commerce specifies the transactional peripheries where an online business performs. This is considered the booming method during a tight. Predominantly, most e-business models are more likely to minimize the expansion of business to the way the city will be stricken by the actual end result from the islamic population develops, exactly what do essaywriterservice happen to a culture E-business technology are components that exist while in the organization collection-up, and also the organization posesses a certain higher level of control over them. Additionally decide whether an enterprise can establish as well world-wide seeing that some permissible and sustainability policy passionately prevent market grow (Tenda, 2014). Read the rest of this entry »


Procedure for Corporation Development

20 Jan

Procedure for Corporation Development

Strategy of internet business growth Clients are the action of selling and buying solutions, items or products that have an goal of earning the money. Company might also be often called financial endeavor or commercial deals. An illustration of this business enterprise hobbies are residence selling, and small cloth working with. Enterprise recreation is generally such as an occupation similar to nurses therapy, educating, and performing. Small business extension means the program increasing the size of this market by getting far more volume of holds which necessities goods and services to potential clients. Corporation progression calls for opening fresh new vendors in new and different geographical spots and ensuring that existing home business parts are cared for. Read the rest of this entry »


Kisi-Kisi UAS ’15

09 Jan

Hubungan Industrial UAS ’15

Kepemimpinan UAS ’15




Pemutusan Hubungan Kerja

06 Jan

Pemutusan hubungan kerja adalah pengakhiran hubungan kerja karena suatu hal tertentu yang mengakibatkan berakhirnya hak dan kewajiban antara pekerja dan pengusaha.

  1. Pemutusan Kerja Demi Hukum

Pemutusan kerja demi hukum adalah pemutusan hubungan kerja yang terjadi dengan sendirinya sehubungan dengan berakhirnya jangka waktu perjanjian yang dibuat oleh majikan atau buruh.

Pasal 1603e KUH.Perdata menyebutkan:

“Perhubungan kerja berakhir demi hukum, dengan lewatnya waktu yang ditetapkan  dalam perssetujuan maupun reglement atau dalam ketentuan undang-undang atau lagi majikan itu tidak ada oleh kebiasaan”.

Demikian juga dalam pasal 12 Peraturan Menteri Tenaga Kerja Nomor PER-05/MEN/1986 tentang kesepakatan kerja untuk waktu tertentu dikatakan:

              “Kesepakatan kerja untuk waktu tertentu berakhir demi hukum dengan berakhirnya waktu yang ditentukan dalam kesepakatan kerja atau dengan selesainya pekerjaan yang disepakatinya”.

Makalah selengkapnya bisa dilihat di sini: Presentasi habis UTS(1)


Garis Pribadi Manusia Sempurna

02 Jan

titik pribadi manusia OK 1

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