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29 Jun

Macro finance quantifyhonest figures, human being emotions and thoughts, relations and use valuations. It relates to the ostensible investment chains or producing consumptions stores. They replenish the appearing from the financial cost. Testimonials have asserted that capitalism is connected to the unfounded delivery of wealth and power. This can be a tendency which has been proved byimperialism and monopoly, and repression of staff members. A great instance relates to the hi-tech things that are manufactured and produced in countries who have lowered average wages by International Companies and thereafter packed and sold to developing financial systems. It is really an specific court case to the regular crises of overproduction which includes consistently shaken the capitalist approach, as a result uncovering its irrationality.

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Beneficial economic styles sort outunemployment and inequality, social alienation, and ethnic exploitation, which bring about interdependence and resourcefulness, as a result encouraging the progression and progress of nations around the world. Into a selected education, some stability programs in macroeconomics have been completely considered as the bearers of famous improvement. They create the information disorders to make the development of a typical new community, which makes a whole world of solidarity and opportunity. Capitalism is a force of social regression since it makes the economic progressive a public calamity, however. According to social critics, such activities and processes, all of which waste resources and cause pollution, are an important part of the functioning and the performance of capitalism. Read the rest of this entry »



14 Jun
  1. Berikan penjelasan ringkas tentang konsep belajar dan pembelajaran
  2. Apa sebenarnya fungsi pembelajaran?
  3. Ada berapa macam sebenarnya tujuan pemebalajaran berikan secara ringkas masing-masingnya.
  4. Berkaitan dengan soal nomor 3, bagaimana kata kunci pertanyaan (soal tes) pada masing-masing tujuan pembelajaran.
  5. Berikan persyaratan agar proses pembelajaran dapat efektif.

                                                          Selamat Mengerjakan




07 Jun
  1. Berikan pokok-pokok Pikiran Manajemenen dan fungsinya
  2. Berikan Pokok-pokok Pikiran Manajemen Sumberdaya Manusia dalam organisasi
  3. Berikan Pokok-pokok Pikiran Pengendalian Kualitas/Mutu Pelayanan Kesehatan
  4. Berikan Pokok-pokok Pikiran Tugas saudara

Tugas MSDM kelas A

05 Jun

Silakan meresume pokok bahasan Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Kerja, Hubungan Industrial, Pemutusan Hubungan Kerja, dan merangkum kuliah terakhir (referensi bebas jika dari  internet dibatasi maksimal 2 (dua). Perhatikan penulisan menggunakan kaidah penulisan ilmiah



Tugas Pengantar Adm. Bisnis kelas F

04 Jun

Silakan saudara memberikan komentar/mengkritisi/memberi saran atas bazar yang diselenggarakan oleh SEC (Student Entrepeneur Centre) FIAUB di lantai dasar FEB.

Comment paling lambat 5 Juni 2012 jam 15.00 wib.


Tugas MSDM kelas D

03 Jun

Silakan saudara membuat karya tulis ringkas berkaitan dengan Pelatihan, Pengembangan, dan perencanaan karir SDM. Sumber/referensi bebas dengan mengikuti kaidah-kaidah penulisan ilmiah.


Ujian Susulan UTS matakuliah Kepemimpinan

01 Jun

Ujian susulan UTS matakuliah Kepemimpinan meresume bagian Enam dan bagian Tujuh buku berjudul THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE (Oleh JAMES M. KOUZES dan BARRY Z. POSNER) Tantangan kepemimpinan (edisi Ketiga). Hasil Resume di apload di blog ini melalui Commment.